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Finest Handmade Drums and Rattles

About Me

20110411058_Peter_180_x_180Hello all my relatives, I am Eagledrummer and my european name is Peter. I was born and raised in a small town in Germany. As a multipotentialite person I am blessed with the gift of an extraordinary range of different skills and I am happy to be able to use these various skills in my everyday life.

My life, as I see it, is very balanced and in my daily life it’s reflected by giving life consulting and on the creative practical side I do many kinds of craftsmanship, as I also really love to create things with my hands, my mind and my heart, in cooperation with the spirits. What I love most and from deep within my heart is the creating of drums. The drum is a powerful tool and it?s beat symbolizes our heartbeat and can give us strength and healing. My drum making is inspired by native Americans, especially from Blackfoot people in Alberta, Canada.

Each of my drums is made with all my love and passion as I guide these wonderful creations into life. I very much like to make drums that are individually custom made for a specific person. This is why I prefer to talk to a person who wants a drum before I start making it.

I believe that if you take, you also need to give. So I give an offering and prayers to the tree that has given its life to provide the wood, and also to the specific animal that gave it?s live to provide the hide for the drum. I also give thanks to our creator that he blessed me with a healthy body and these two hands that are able to do this and that he gave me the ability to create these wonderful drums.

I build the drum frame by cutting the segments in a special way and mount them together to make the base. After that I let the frame rest for some days. Then the frame will in a long process be sanded to a perfect circle, so no edges of the segments are visible anymore. The upper and lower edge will then be rounded. Then the drum gets another rest. When the time is right, I put the hide on, each in the way that I feel is right at that moment or right for the person who will first receive it. During the drying process of several days I frequently work on the hide and the tuning. It fills my heart with joy when I do the first beats on each single drum that I put into life through my hands and my heart. Once all this is finished I initiate the drum in a special ceremony so that each new one unfolds it?s power and is welcome on this earth.

If you feel like getting a custom made drum, please contact me by e-mail. You?ll find the address on the Contact page.

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