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Finest Handmade Drums and Rattles



You can buy my drums and rattles at our online shop at


The price for my drums are between 1.800,- DKK (ca. 240,- Euro) and 2.200,- DKK (ca. 300,- Euro). Please note that the drumstick is not included.
If you want a custom made drum, the delivery time can take up to 4 months which is due to that I’m only building drums when it feels right and when everything fits.


The prices for my rattles are around 600,- DKK (ca. 80,- Euro).

Drumbuilding workshops

My price for this seminar is 3.650,- DKK or 490 EURO per person and includes all materials and the initiation ceremony on a separate day.

Individual Drumbuilding Seminars (1 participant)

My price for this seminar is 7.000,- DKK or 940 EURO and includes all materials as well as the completely individual supervision, just for you personally, including an initiation ceremony.

Introduction to the power of drumming

My price for this introduction is 1.000,- DKK or 130 EURO

Travelling expenses

If travelling is required, we need to discuss and will find out about the costs.

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